Almost 2 months passed since my last post, gotta admire my consistency…. Oh well, let me give y’all some updates:

  • I finished school with 3.31 GPA. Not bad, but not that good for Business Ad either
  • My grad ceremony will be held next Friday, June 7th
  • My internship ends THIS FRIDAY! (still have to work for 3 more days)
  • I’m going to Italy on July 11
  • I got absolutely NO PLANS for the future and it’s crazy!

As usual, I still want to be creative and do something, but still don’t know why. I was talking to my mother about pursuing a career in nutrition and sports, but we agree on the fact that if I want to motive people about those, I should be living in that certain way which I clearly have not been. To be honest, even though I believe I’m good at that I don’t enjoy the stress the corporate life causes. I truly can’t wait to hand in my work laptop and be free. I enjoyed and learned SO MUCH which I’m grateful for. I don’t remember if I mentioned before, but I really wanted to have a long-term paid internship during my last semester which exactly happened!

I think I’ll write a nice post about my short Italy trip if I can actually get a visa haha

irem xx



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