Tips to relax

Goodness! I tried my best to relax and feel better about life. Here are some (one or two unhealthy) tips:

  • First things first, don’t hesitate to cry if you are too sad or too overwhelmed. Better than keeping it inside.
  • Do not binge eat, but do eat something you don’t eat all the time that makes you feel good instantly (for me, it was pizza today)
  • Take a hot bath unless you are in a tropical place, because believe me if it’s already 35 degrees outside, it just doesn’t make sense to take a hot bath
  • Take care of your skin! I did lotion all my body, and put a nice facemask. Even though I look like a snapchat filter with my towel headband with a huge bow and take mask, I already feel better 🙂
  • Light some candles and turn all fairy lights on if you have any. Depending on the season I got different scents: a floral one for spring, spa/ocean for summer, pumpkin spice for fall and cookie and fudge for winter.
  • Drink a nice glass of wine to help you relax or if you don’t consume alcohol or do it very rarely like me, then make yourself a cup of coffee (ice for me since it’s spring!) and get in your bed
  • Catch up with your fav tv series or watch some YouTube, or a nice movie. I’d suggest animations (I’m so pumped up cause I just found out Frozen 2 will be out in 2019 -omg I’ll be 25 by then!!!!)
  • Write into your notebook, blog, anything that will help you clear your mind
  • Text or talk to someone you love, it can be a friend or bf/gf
  • Sleep! That’s the best medicine for everything

I just got mad at something else I didn’t plan so I believe I’ll stop now to finish on a good note. Anyone out there, if you got any tips feel free to let me know!

irem xx


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