Dear Diary…

So I worked with the minimum efficiency today. To begin with, I didn’t even want to get up and go to work, but at least it wasn’t rainy. I got to worked, did literally nothing till lunchtime, went to the mall next to the plaza, ate my fav food (lahmacun -they call it Turkish pizza which is not even related besides both are dough), I got the new Asteriks comic book, got a nice facemask and my fav capsule coffees from Tchibo. I did the minimum I was required to do at work, and when my boss and coworker went to a meeting I literally stopped working and tried to clean my mailbox instead. It went well, then my friend picked me up.


This is lahmacun and it tastes like heaven


When I went home, I left with my mother to go to the market to grab eggs; we eventually got so much more than that like egg noodles, tortellini, my favorite pesto sauce (guess it is by “Barilla”), pineapple, strawberries, 60% cocoa chocolate, and so on. Oh, also frozen pizza. I tried to lose weight, but I hate not being able to have what I want so I binge ate. Anyway, I talked to my namorado (bf in Portuguese <3) hahaha,  watched some YouTube then I left home to go to Starbucks w my best friend and sister.

This is how we spend at least 2-3 nights during the week

We’re still here. I’m reading 1984 again for my ethics class. It’s kinda depressing, especially if I consider the direction my country is going. Only this year I finally decided to stay here, because I came to realize that I’m Turkish and my hometown is one of the largest cities in the world with so much to do, so many opportunities etc. Then referendum happened and people proved how moron someone can be again. Now, I and my boyfriend have been looking for masters in Germany. It would be awesome because it’s free and close to where I’m from ^_^

Also, I started considering to open a YouTube channel. Not for the sake of the possibility of making money, but as a hobby. I haven’t thought what it could be about, certainly not make up or vlogging because idk how to put make-up on and I’m way too lazy to pick up my camera… It would be a great way to practice my English though. I’m shy for someone I know to watch them, also I don’t like my voice and my nose is not the smallest. But hey, maybe I’ll get an idea and do it some day. My ultimate goal is to be self-employed after all, besides the fact that I got absolutely no skills……

Well, it was in such a dear diary format today. Unfortunately, I have a monotone life. Let’s see:

  • May 4 – “Last” group presentation (I HATE working in a group project)
  • May 26 – Last day of classes
  • June 13 – End of the finals
  • June 31 – Last day of my internship

You would expect the coming up events to excite me a bit, but I’m kinda dead inside.






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