A bit of this a bit of that

Hello again! After I realized how much I enjoy to go back and read what I wrote, I decided to drop by again ^_^ So let me give you some updates:

  • I’ve got 1.5 months left as a college student
  • My boss wants me to keep working at least as an intern to see if I can find a full-time job at the company, or at least keep making some money if I apply for master’s
  • My bf has visited and went back already, I’d say we’re in a good situation right now
  • Yesterday I started a diet and I guess it’s going well
  • I’ll take the test for master’s next month
  • I decided to declutter and rearrange the furniture and get a bigger bed (I have a single bed, though it is 90cmx200cm, 1.5 person bed sounds better), get rid of my nightstand and get a couch
  • I’m done with my LAST midterms and it’s spring break in a week! -won’t be going anywhere but vacation is vacation 😛
  • I subscribed to Malukah’s twitch channel and everytime she replies me it makes me happy haha!

To be honest, I guess that’s it. I don’t have the most exciting life, but I’m just trying to keep it together. I’m trying to find the balance between work, school, family, social life, me time etc.

I’ll get going now, got work tomorrow! I’ll be adding some pics we have taken in Kapadokya (Cappadocia); we went there when my bf was here 🙂 I think I will write a whole post about Kapadokya and its formation…

irinha xx


When the volcanos around this area erupted, the lava cooled down and for thousand of years the wind, erosion, rain etc. led what we call “fairy chimneys” to form.



Early Christians lived in this area, carved these rock formations to build their homes, churches etc to live and hide from Romans who were hunting them down.
That’s me and my Brazilian ^_^ Cappadocia is in Central Anatolia, and Anatolia is how Turkey’s land in Asia is called.



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