Exciting News!

Hey! I’m at work now so I don’t think it’s such a great idea to blog right now, but after so long I finally had that urge to write how I feel down. As you can guess from the heading, I got some exciting news, at least for me: my boyfriend will be in İstanbul tomorrow! I truly can’t believe I’m writing this after everything we’ve been through. Long story short, we’re 2 broke (I’m not broke anymore though, I got an internship that pays me well) college seniors who live in İstanbul, Turkey and Recife, Brazil and it is “kinda” pricy and hard to see each other. Let alone making the time to travel, match our schedules and find some free time; we need to afford it somehow and so far our parents have been a huge help. People from first world countries, you have absolutely NO idea about our struggle. Exchange rates are our arch enemy…

I’ll be leaving here in less than 3 hours. I’ve come to love my internship though, it has challenges but it feels good to make money and be around the people who studied what I want to study and do what I want to do in the future. It’s been inspiring and as a college student I MAKE MONEY. I come here 3 days a week and get paid a bit below min average which I’m not even gonna complain about considering how hard it is to find an internship.

Anyways, I’ll get my nails done today. Tomorrow after work I’ll get my hair done and head to the airport to pick him up. The last time I saw him was September 20th. I see people claiming to be in a long distance relationship just because they live in different states. Okay, Alaska and Florida, I get it but if it is Alabama and Tennessee, please don’t complain. Your currencies are just the same, you’re only a couple of hours drive apart, and I’m sure you can talk to your boyfriend’s mother…. My currency right now is incredibly low, and my bf’s is not doing any better. Actually it is, my country has the most unstable economy and politics ever so I don’t blame dollar for being 4 times my currency.


Here’s the prettiest map I’ve ever seen, to show you how far we live. Still, I’m happy to be with him and I think I’ll write a post only dedicated to long distance relationships and how you can actually manage to not break up….




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