Important Decisions

So today I was in my bed watching YouTube, being super lazy and basically doing nothing; that’s when my migraine started and I’ve come to realize that I can not stay in my bed and wait for something to happen about my future. I dressed up, threw myself out and had a nice walk where I tried to list what makes me stressed and how I sort everything out.

First things first, I’m a senior at college and in 6 months I’ll either start working or my master’s degree. I did not know what to do and keep postponing (or at least I though I was postponing, but apparently it has been stressing me out for months), and it wasn’t even related to my future with my boyfriend at all. That’s another issue, but to be honest I’m not worried about that cause no matter what we do we can work things out. Anyways, I had a nice walk, came back home, drank pumpkin soup then took a nap, hoping my headache would get better. Woke up, ordered some noodles and sushi, devoured them then went to movies with my mom. We saw Jackie, it was touching; it’s not surprising that Natalie Portman got nominated for stuff. John Hurt was in it as well, didn’t realize it was him until I saw his name during the credits. RIP John.

Back to the topic, on our way back home I was telling my mother about the possibilities and some things I decided, and it was such a relief. Here are the things that will help me to find my way out:

  • If I decide to get my master’s in İstanbul, I know I’ll feel like a useless piece of shit and as a burden to my parents.
  • I don’t want numbers anymore, today I’ve come to realize that I’m a social sciences person, communication, policies, politics etc.
  • If it is possible, I want to get my master’s in Europe; my GPA is quite high (3.25/4), I’ve had several internships and had extra curriculum activities.

So, I feel better. I’ll feel better when I start taking action.

Oh, I’ll finally see Assassin’s Creed tomorrow! So in the end of December, we used our miles to get some stuff (Thank you Turkish Airlines ^_^) I got a portable charger (it’s portability is debatable though, literally bigger then my phone), headphones (Urban Ears, love them <3), some films for my sisters FujiFilm instax) and an amazing card called Sinemia which allows me to watch movies for free for the next 3 months. FREE!!! So I got another ticket while I was still at the movies.

Since I realized that I can’t keep doing nothing, I decided to join a small local gym. It’s close to my home and it was relatively cheap last time I went there. We’ll see. I need to start moving my ass.

I got a mango, coconut water (love it since first time I tried, won’t be as good as a fresh one though), an avocado (already made a chocolate mousse and ate it as dessert), and 2 bags of my favorite chips (relatively healthier, they’re baked instead of fried, I guess…?) Can’t wait for my breakfast smoothie. Here is what I’ll use:

  • One mango
  • 1 or 2 bananas depending on the size
  • A cup of pineapple
  • Some soy milk
  • Ice (my bananas are not frozen)
  • Some chia seeds on top

I’ll add a picture if I remember 🙂

This was a random one, but I just wanted to get all of these out somehow. I do feel better now, and it’s 12.21am here so I’ll go to bed. Anyone who’s reading this, thank you and take care!

Good night ^_^


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