Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Like a great friend of mine repeats literally every time we talk, liar liar pants are on fire; meaning that I knew I wasn’t gonna manage to keep a DAILY journal. Oh, well…

I was at work today, I’m about to finish my first month there. How competitive and idk, I guess strange people can be is beyond my imagination. Compared to them, I’m such a straight-forward person which I never knew.

Long story short, there is this intern that transferred to a different department, so I filled his position. I thought he was nice until the moment my manager told me that he was probably bitter because he wasn’t even considered to fill the full-time position even after he graduated and interned at this department for 6 months. So I was like, okay. Then I started to realize how he looks out for opportunities to make me feel somehow intimidated and insufficient, and constantly talk shit about my manager at the same time. Also, the way he brags about himself, like the whole company is depending on him. Anyway, I made a mistake and I sent an e-mail to the guy who happens to be the braggart’s (Thanks to that guy I learned a new word today) director twice, and he complained and told him to warn me somehow. So the braggart came to me, and the way he dramatized it, you would think he was telling me that I have 3 months left or something. Anyway, his manager didn’t like that I set up a meeting w/o my manager giving him a notice either, cause you know he is God and I’m not worthy. My manager talked both with the braggart (OMG his face hahaah), and with his annoying manager. The way she protected me made me happy, guess we both need allies. The braggart then acted all normal (his normal) which is suspicious and probably means that he might be talking shit about me. Whatever, I’m spreading the word; telling my manager backs me up, really patient with my adaptation process and really helpful which shocks everyone cause apparently that’s not what they heard from the braggart. It wasn’t short now, was it?

Professional life scares me, but I feel like I’m learning so much; also public affairs seems like a good place for me. Not dealing with any numbers is enough for real.

Well, that’s all for now. Take care y’all.



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