It’s a new day

2 days ago while I was at work (and being incredibly productive as usual), I started writing my thoughts down and I was like “I like writing, I keep a diary and I have a blog that I’ve been ignoring for too long, so why not merge them?” So I decided to keep writing here consistently. We’ll see how it goes.

In my previous post which was like, I don’t even know how long ago, I talked a bit about myself. Before I jump into talking about my daily life, I wanted to update you on my life.

I still live in İstanbul, I’m 23 years old and about to get my degree which is not that exciting when one doesn’t have a plan after graduation. I’ve been studying Business Administration and have only one semester to go. Currently, I’m a PA&GA (public affairs and government affairs, I didn’t know what it meant until AFTER my first interview) intern at an American multinational chemical corporation (I copied this part directly from wiki) I know I’m lucky to have a paid, long-term internship at a great company, but my ultimate life goal is to be self-employed, I guess.

I spent the month of September 2016 in Recife, Brazil with my boyfriend. It was really fun and “winter” according to the people living there. I was wearing crop tops, tiny shorts and skirts all the time while people were wearing cardigans and jeans. It got me thinking, if it was constantly 30 degrees in İstanbul, 25-26 degrees would make me excited about COLD as well. I have to admit, Brazilians are such cheerful and happy people in general. Partying with them and hoping to keep up is impossible though.

It is finally Saturday and I’ve just got done with 2 weeks of finals and internship w/o a break, so I’ll stop here and enjoy my Saturday.

Hope you’ll have a good one, here are some pictures I took while I was in Recife 🙂

Praia de Boa Viagem
Recife Antigo

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